Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!


We are sorry for the troubles you face, and certainly our fight is for the civil rights of all persons facing such hardships long after their sentences are complete. We encourage you to share your story on our Tales from the Registry blog. ( This is where folks can point out their personal – or national! – grievances with public registries and with other draconian laws.

With “Humans” we are taking a different tack. There ARE people who have found a way forward in spite of these hardships. They are an inspiration to others that all hope is NOT lost after a sexual offense conviction. These folks have managed to contribute meaningfully to their communities and rebuild their lives, breaking the stereotypes society has.

We hope they will mention the hurdles they have faced and continue to face, but more importantly, we want to show the world that they are “regular folks” anyone would be proud to know – not monsters.

Hope that helps to clarify what Registered Humans is about!