Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!

Thomas Darby

What if my life and health have been totally destroyed by prison and the registry? That I see no hope of returning to the well-liked, respected tour bus driver I had been for years? All this for crimes that were comparatively minor. My ex-wife continues to harass me, ruining my chances to get help, 20 years later; my own son, now 43, calls me a P.O.S. on Facebook. I have tried to just survive, from homelessness to living in a 35-year-old non-running RV with no heat, hot water, or even a toilet.My income from disability equals about $4.58 an hour. Yes, I committed the crimes. But I did the time. At 65 and ill, I can’t get public housing or help with my situation. I’m not a murderer, never robbed anyone, led a decent life. But I am a leper because I’m a sex offender! –so, do you want REAL stories??