Reply To: Registration not cruel and unusual punishment, says Tenth Circuit


Call to Action.
I sent this to the US Government. “Hello, i have a question about why do you have the Sex Offender Registry up when The US Government did a study on ” Sex Offender Recidivism and Dangerousness ” and it shows recidivism below 5% and that 95% of those Sex Offenders that are arrested never commit another Sex Crime Again. This study is from from the ” United States Government ” from 1994, so with the study the US Government did in 1994 and every year to date that’s 27 years and that’s 27 studies (US Gov. authorized & approved) does prove they (Sex Offender s) dont have a “Frightening & High” Recidivism rate of 80%” and it proves they (Sex Offenders ) have the second lowest recidivism rate with murder being the lowest. Most murderers die in prison & most Sex Offenders are not in prison, most Sex Offenders are living¬† in community like every US citizens. Plus i have the studies on recidivism from every US State (50 Studies ). Why is the Sex Offender Registry up at all besides that its built on lies, vigilantes savagely beat or murder the registrant and his/her spouse and/or children because of the Sex Offender Registry. Plus they (registrant) are arrested if they miss registering because they cant get to where they register, when they cant get a job or housing because of the Sex Offender Registry and you send them to prison for 10+ years ” for missing registering ” where there are killed inside because of a Lie……….Why?
I hope you contact our government and send your stories & studies into our US Government.