Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban


For those on probation/parole I spoke to a ppo this morning and he said the blanket ban is still in effect for anyone in NC who is registered and still on paper. They are still sifting through the court decision and he said they will have more concrete rules for social media in effect in the next week or 2, but he suspects the ban will consist of “any social media site that allows minors”

I tried to explain to him that that condition is too broad even for parole and it could most likely be challenged and won. I also explained that having something that broad severely limits my ability to reintegrate into society and that the length of parole/probation for registrants in NC (5 years) makes this overly excessive. On top of that I said based on the wording its basically impossible for me to know what websites are off limits or which ones are ok. (Basically cant use the internet) Based on what he said, essentially the statute that got shot down by the scotus is still in effect for ppo. I will state for the record my ppo is a pretty stand up guy who maintains a good professional relationship and is fair. He offered to assist or facilitate a meeting with his supervisor or help with any legal process if I wanted to try to get this condition removed.

I would think they would try to narrowly tailor the ban for those on paper. I know those on paper have limited rights, but you would think the ppo dept would shy away from a blanket ban for those on paper.