Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban

James Townsend

Wow the reply’s to this post are a lot. While I know I haven’t been on here in a long time I just want to inform everyone that their is hope in all this Sexual crap via the internet scheme that law enforcement has set up.

I have just been informed today my probation officer and the sex treatment instructor decided I no longer need to come to class. They feel that it would be more harmful than helpful in my case. While I wasn’t quite sure and a bit confused when presented this opportunity last week it seems I went ahead with their decision.

What started in 2012 with this little internet deception and than the treatment program and down the road no treatment program and than later on back to treatment program, not to mention a little violation for not complying and a bit of interference during the polygraph test which resulted me back into court with the result of complying with the sex offender treatment program and now they feel they don’t want me into the class for their reasons I was a bit confused but took the offer anyway.

Now I have always been against these sex sting operations via the internet and deception is deception and I don’t care if the supreme court says they can do these things. We all know I am sure who they are going above.

While all the money spent has gone down the drain to fight in these ordeals it is water over the bridge. It could be said its all about money and it hurts me to see those in class hand their money or fee to those sex offender instructor during each class as I had to do in the past.

While the old saying ” don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” I still believe their is other motives in all this that are very crafty as these sting opportunities are. I would still like everyone to keep on pushing for these operations to go away as it is no more than man’s crafty scheme to dupe those into all this endeavor.

I hope everybody is doing well on here and NARSOL keep up the good work and each individual on here hang in their and fight this injustice as I am still doing.