Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban


Actually Michigan needs all new internet identifiers within 3 days of their creation, not on your next verification period. If you start a social media account, you need to tell them within 3 business days and report which website it is and the name you are using on it. The only thing they do not require you to report within 3 days is a change in a phone number. That you must report on your next verification period.

It makes no sense. Logically one would think; why not just come in when there is a change to something? What is the point of a verification month when you have to report all changes within 3 days anyway? I suspect that is the idea, to keep registrants off balance and always guessing what their requirements are, because it makes it more likely they will make a mistake and can be charged with something. They got to keep that prison industry going.

Yes, most social media sites ban registrants, but they can’t arrest you for creating an account. They can only kick you off it.