Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban



I keep saying it and everyone keeps ignoring it; Probation is a useless waste of tax payer money and should be dismantled.
Probation is more than half to blame for many of us being homeless.
For the states that do NOT have SOR conditions (like CT has none) it’s only the supervision dept who stops us from using certain electronic devices and where we can live, how we can go about finding a job, etc.
Once probation is completed, even if you’re still required to register (in CT), you can own all the computers, tablets, smartphones you want. And you can live where you want with the only person to say “yes” or “no” being the landlord you’re trying to rent from.

It seems to me, because I take very close observations when speaking to probation officers, that the less you have in life, the happier they are. When they say “How’s everything?” (as if you’re supposed to say Everything is great! Please add MORE conditions cuz I love being a slave to your authoritarian bullshit), I have observed their care-less facial expressions and attitudes when I’ve said things are horrible.
I live in shitty conditions in the ghetto and work a shitty job that barely pays my rent. Gee, how do YOU think things are going?

I cannot speak about “parole” as I’ve never experienced parole. That’s a privilege given based on prison conduct. And in many cases, people don’t get paroled no matter how good they are in prison.

But probation needs to end. No one needs to be on probation.
Anyone who disagrees with that should explain to me (and everyone else) how going to see a PO once a week/month for all of 30-60 seconds as they type up on their computers your answers to their “how’s everything” stupidity, how is this being “supervised” and making people feel safe?
The longest I’ve spent in my officers little office room was 2 mins and that was because I was waiting for her to type up the travel pass because, as a tax payer, I need permission to move about within my own country. But when we’re off “supervised release”, we can go do whatever we want and yet we’re still the same people who broke the law.

Also, I’m sick to death of this nonsense about whether or not our crimes happened by use of a computer/internet. What if my crime was that I met the underage teen at a PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BUS STOP? What then? Well, I’ve got an answer for you because I had the nerve enough to ask it of my PO as well as the brainwashing group called the “Treatment Providers”, the answer is “Well, you have to get around so we can’t keep you away from using public transportation”.
Ah, ok. Cool. And there are a lot of jobs that require you to fill out their applications ONLINE. So you technically don’t have the friggin right to keep us off of an ESSENTIAL TOOL of today’s society.