Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban

Tim L

Express your anger toward the politic! Do it openly, without regard for your own shame. THEY ARE USING OUR SHAME AND GUILT to keep us quiet!
You have violated an individual person. They have violated constitutional guarantees in their plain meeting for populist political position! This is EXACTLY WHAT THE FOUNDERS FEARED MOST! They also knew such acts would eventually lead to the demise of the nation. SOR BREEDS DISCONTENT, NOT TRANQUILLITY!

The people can thank lawyers like Mr Roberts for this distortion. He, when arguing on behalf of the state of Alaska in Doe claimed that ” registration itself imposed no affirmative disability or restraint.” Yet we all suspected restraint was exactly its underlying purpose. Today we have proof of stats actual intenteffect! J.P. Stevens recognized this from the onset but the majority was in denial. (See Logan U of S. Florida)

IMO – The ” real purpose” of SORs was ” unfettered uses of a database” to “monitor the entire population via electronic means” EX.METADATA!

They claim it necessary for public protection when Political security is its ultimate advantage. Americas rush headlong into the information age is fraught with pitfalls.