Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban

Tim L

That is what lawyers do, ” twist words” !n Wisconsin, The term
” extended supervision’ is applied to convitees of sex offenses during the sentencing phase of trial. Extended supervision as a ” civil obligation” apposed to P&P as a punitive sanction.

In reality, there are only minor differences. For instance P&P The state CAN tell you what you can or cannot do- PERMISSION.
NOT SO if you are on registration only You do not need permission to say.. Leave the state, enter a drinking establishment, take a job. Tho you still.must inform state that you have done so. We are given 10 days in this state (WI).

The Murky nature of registration obligations IS of a concern to some courts as is on display with the Illinois case mentioned in this thread. SO walking dog in park made a potential felony.

Innocent conduct criminalised for public safety is unreasonable, but then again the unreasonable is perfectly a acceptable when applied to SOs. This is our reality!