Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban


rwvnral, would you look up TN Code Ann. 39-13-524 through 39-13-526 and read Tennessee’s Community Supervision for Life statute? The state claims Community Supervision for Life is NOT a punitive measure, but rather a public safety measure to protect potential victims, aid in the rehabilitation of the offender, and to aid the offender is successfully reintegrating with society.

Since this supervision is NOT traditional probation or parole where the balance of the adjudged sentence is being served in the community, how does the Packingham ruling apply to TN sex offenders who have “flattened” their prison time and are now subject to lifetime supervision? You said in an earlier post that probation or parole is still considered as serving the sentence imposed by the court. What about those of us who have expired our sentences completely minus good conduct time earned, but are still subject to state supervision?