Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban

Flawed thinking exists still….

I read this on another SOL website and found it interesting:

“Although today’s decision was unanimous, three of the Court’s nine justices – Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Alito and Justice Thomas — entered a concurring decision which agreed that the North Carolina law violated the First Amendment, but focused upon the “grave risk” that repeat sex offenders pose to children. In their concurrence, the justices repeated the myth that registrants have a high risk of re-offense. Specifically, the justices stated that “(w)hen sex offenders reenter society, they are much more likely than any other type of offender to be rearrested for a new rape or sexual assault.”

“It is disappointing that three members of the U.S. Supreme Court continue to repeat a myth which has been disproved by decades of research,” stated the interviewee. “That research, including the findings of Dr. Karl Hanson, has overwhelmingly concluded that registrants have a very low rate of re-offense.”

It looks like there are more opportunities forthcoming to correct this line of thinking, but it is still sad this thinking even exists, even when Justice Kennedy penned this opinion and did not say a thing.

Keep the pedal to the metal as they say and drive the point home hard every chance you get about this flawed thinking….