Reply To: ENOUGH with the hate, already


I am sorry to say it, but they don’t care if something is constitutional or not.
Ohh,they talk about it but it is obvious that they don’t.

If constitutional consideration was an issue, people would not be convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.
Circumstantial evidence but it is used every day to convict people with no physical evidence.

It seems to me in order to fix the registry, the whole system has to be fixed.

When I was released from prison there was no registry. Eighteen years later I was placed on the registry with no hearing and no chance to challenge it.
Just as though there is no ex post facto clause.
Obviously unconstitutional, obviously not so much as a consideration.

In the 40 years I have fought for Tribal rights, the one thing that I learned is that no group of people can be secure in their rights unless everyone is secure in their rights.

Perhaps the easiest way is the back door.
Bring to full attention every instance where violations occur and and push for full constitutional compliance.

Noone has to stand up and be destroyed by public scrutiny for doing that.

I have seen over the years that many people who will be supportive of fixing the registry in private will never die so publicly.

Especially if it doesn’t affect them personally.