Reply To: Fact-checking registered sex offender information

Tim in WI

I find it cathartic to fack check Rock County WI sheriff’s at failure to provide information trial. Naturally I have them read the transcript and other formal paperwork ( gov forms from sex conviction 0 in open court. Fact 1 there is no record of the duty to register in my case file on record at the clerks office. I explain to the jury that either these records are necessary OR they are not for a DOC commitment tp be considered ” lawful. ”

Nowhere in Alaska V Doe does the SC state these facts cant be used in an offenders defense in FTR, in ex post failure to register cases! In fact, Justice Souter put it best when he stated – when registration obligations outpace stated legislative aims there is serious room for argument that the states are merely revisiting past crimes rather than preventing new ones.