Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban


I think the Court just shot down all registry laws with that statement: “…concerned about the application of restrictive laws to citizens who are no longer subject to the supervision of the criminal justice system.” Isn’t that what the registries do to people who are no longer under serving a sentence or some form of supervised release? Sex offender registries are nothing more than a continuation of the original sentence by adding another sentence of probation, and depending on the original crime, it is lifetime. That alone violates the Double Jeopardy clause by punishing a person twice for the same crime, although the Supreme Court side stepped that by saying they “see” no punishment in these things. Sorry, but probation by any other name is still probation and that IS a punishment. Plus the fact it doesn’t allow an EX-offender to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, which are inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution are therefore irrevocable for any reason, regardless of the “need” to protect children. The only sure way to protect is that a legitimate offender should be in prison for the rest of his/her life first time every time IF that person truly does molest an innocent as such.