Reply To: ENOUGH with the hate, already


Politicians create what they hate. Politicians hate what they create.
The SOR is a vicious cycle on a one-way street. People just have to deal with the results. They gladly throw in plenty of ideas on how to make it more punitive but none when it comes to making it fair or just. This has resulted in the creation of an entrenched system of evil and oppression, an Achilles heel in our justice system. It’s pretty much untouchable now, and NO YOU CAN’T FIX IT. The terms “constitutional” and “sex offense laws” or “sex offense registries” are irreconcilable terms. Nobody wants to buckup and call it what it is.

The only reason SOR exists is because once it passed in a state with a large enough voter base and a dominant party it could spread to others. They all go like dominos, taking the bait and unleashing upon their citizens a hell that no one truly understands until they have to deal with it themselves. And the ones pulling the strings will take sides with whoever is in power in order to secure their hell and keep the lid on it all.

So, just as an uncontrolled forrest needs to be purged so too shall this country (and in particular Kalifornia) for what it allowed to happen. They were all duped with the public safety mantra and the shameless victim card playing.