Reply To: ENOUGH with the hate, already


Politicians respond to their constituents. For 200 years the “constituent” was the voter. Today it is the campaign contributor. If you don’t contribute money lavishly then you have no political voice.

Politicians use registrants as straw men to create distraction so that voters don’t see that their hand is invariably deep down into the public’s pocket. They will fan the flames of hatred, as Brenda points out, because such passions are politically powerful & very effective. And they will aim them at us, registrants, b/c it is one of the only things Republicans and Democrats can agree upon.

The only way to disarm the hate mongering pols is to either create a PAC to become a constituent and get some pols working FOR us or to find another group more vilified and convince the public that the weapons of hatred need to be aimed elsewhere. Can’t imagine that.

As the prophetic “8 Ball” says, “Outlook does not look good”