Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban

Tim L

We can hope SCOIL will overturn IL park bans, more likely however they will abdicate their constitutional onus just like THE SUPREME COURT OF NORTH CAROLINA did in this case.

SCOTUS decision here 9-0, implies that NC’s SUPREME COURT has NO CLUE when it comes to doing their job interpreting the constitutions’ meaning!

We have the same problem here in Wisconsin! Judges whom 1) either don’t understand the words in their plain meaning OR
2) are so blinded thru bias that any reasonable interpretation is not possible.

This is the burden faced by those indentured to the machines!

The point is, Our constitution no long actually applies in real time. Basic protections afforded by it are long gone. Therefore, we live in anarchy… or what I have heard referred to as “Corporate Oligarchy”!

The two groups who most benefitted from SOR: Big Data & Big Jail. Each have their supporting casts! While the biggest loser is LIBERTY FOR ALL!