Reply To: Packingham: Unanimous Court strikes NC’s social media ban


This is exciting news and a huge win for registered offenders, not just in NC, but nationwide.

To my fellow North Carolinians: I contacted my local SORU and got as response a prepared statement that urges registered offenders to please wait to join any social network sites until the SBI can provide instructions to local SORUs on how to manage the influx of new social media accounts being created. While I doubt anyone is expected to wait until the state can create some new, more narrowly-scoped law, they probably want to have procedures and policies in place first. My local SORU said specifically that they will contact offenders in their jurisdiction with instructions once they have clarity on the situation.

Congratulations to NARSOL, NCRSOL, all the lawyers involved, and Lester Packingham in particular, we owe you all a debt of gratitude and our moral and financial support as you continue to speak up for the rights of registered citizens nationwide!