Reply To: Get real, Justice Alito! Stop misrepresenting the facts.

Tim L

I will say it again.
This was never about public safety from sexual deviancy.


SOs were a means to an end; POLITICAL SECURITY! (SEE The Little Prince, Machiavelli)

Our ( THE PEOPLE’S) forced focus upon their deviant is but a useful distraction – the proverbial RED HERRING!

Please start contemplating how the database is used by the powers that are. We have entrenched actors whom will do everything in their power to remain entrenched, because the money is so easy to come by.

Gov’t contracts are lucrative. Unions (public) benefited AND Big businesses benefit from the usefulness of the database. Consider the data use by NSA, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, DHS, and a thousand other federal avenges

Next consider the database and its role in gerrymandering and how it that relates to entrenchment of the two main political establishments. Consider too how quickly and easily laws can be enacted via the database to meet that goal. Sure beats the hell out of writing law by hand. Special interest of every sort are pounding keys as I type this short plea to keep themselves in the mix for a piece of the people’s tax pie!

It is my hope that Americans will soon become aware of the database, its uses, and the negative impact on constitutionally recognized liberty interests of individual life and happiness.