Reply To: What’s up with the Florida sex offender registry?


Fred, that’s quite a claim coming from an “Admin.” Could you please cite evidence for that claim? The cases in which that happened? “Extradicted” back to Florida when no arrest had been made nor ticket issued is extreme, even for Florida. Plus, if they didn’t register, how did they know where to find the person? Or even who the person was?? Even in 2020 we don’t yet have chips under our skin immediately alerting the authorities the second we cross a border or land in an airport. As far as airports, they would have to manually look up that information daily, and that is not happening. Therefore, I doubt seriously your claim to be true and believe you are doing what is common among us, by ‘catastrophising’ an outcome. Don’t do that. Let’s keep it to the law and what is actually happening. That’s bad enough.