Reply To: Utah officials considering changes to the sex offender registry

Timothy D.
Tim Davich

Well I am glad to see a state looking to make changes, I am still wondering why you would not have a ex-offender as part of this group. Being we would have or be in the best place to know how, why, and best practices for prevention. I am also concerned with the whole rating thing. There is NO ONE that can tell me or anyone else what they are thinking, so to use this as a means of saying a person is more or less to commit another offense or even a first offense is irrational thinking. Even using past behavior as a means to determine if a person will reoffend is irrational, as it goes against the whole premise that people change. We can not live in the past, and using a persons past to make future decisions puts that person in the past as well as all who want to live in that thought process. People need to be allowed to move forward with their lives, and place the past in the past, what has happened in the past does not have to determine one future, unless, and only unless that person chooses to live in the past and not move on.