Reply To: Get real, Justice Alito! Stop misrepresenting the facts.


Whats really messed up is kids today have access to so much stuff compared to 20 years ago. Most of them do far more damage to themselves having instant access to a limitless supply of free pornography of all types and fetishes amoung other things. That fact alone causes millions of times over more damage than anything perceived (falsely)by the legislature, public, and government about people with past sex offenses.

If the government is so concerned about the well being of minors, they should make laws to restrict porn on the internet or maybe ban minors from having internet access. That way they can never be “groomed” or solicited online. Sadly, 95% of the new crimes commited are by non registrants so the only way to truly protect minors is bar them from accessing the internet so they wont corrupt themselves or be taken advantage of…(i joke, but sadly that last statement would actually fix the perceived problem)