Reply To: Sex offenders have First Amendment right to Internet, social media


Hey dino marx,you are right on about the point u have made,if u find yourself in the Romeo n Juliet situation, as u probably already know,states are staring to look at these cases as a way to lighten the load on their registries. Hopefully your state is one of these. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all come together as one voice ? But differing views will be a stumbling block .there’s a dude that thinks every thing someone else says opposing his opinion is wrong and has no right to say anything! Regardless I have decided to voice my opinion just to piss people off !! We have all been through enough of being a yes man on probation and admit things true or not! That being said, If u are in that situation,there is hope closer than some other registrants being freed from our crimes, wait, did I actually say that ? My bad,.some of us it its actually forget we committed a crime,not saying I think things are fair,but a guy who got caught in a police sting and thinks he’s better than those who had a hands on crime ,really,only difference is he didn’t get that far!!! So maybe I’m too cynical for some,but look at the reality of all this