Reply To: Sex offenders have First Amendment right to Internet, social media


Dino Marx

The point of the matter is, if we don’t stand up together as one we will never accomplish anything. These lawmakers are having a field day with sex offenders and its only because its only a few people that are fighting to ease off a bit on these ridiculous laws. Today its us tomorrow it’ll be one of yours, and that’s a promise. People make mistakes everyday, and some of the sex offenders that have made this mistake will never make it again. I’ve seen murderers that have taken lives and forever hurt the hearts of families that have lost those loved ones get off easier than someone who slept with a sixteen year old female. I remember being in sixth, and seventh grade and these young girls were sleeping around with guys already. This was early 80’s, Can you imagine these young girls nowadays? Its funny how if a 15 or sixteen year old teenager murders someone, the law tries them as adults, but when a sixteen year old female sleeps with an older guy she’s a child. I don’t say that rape is alright, its wrong wrong wrong, but if a 16 or 17 sleeps with an older guy she knew exactly what she was doing. Whatever the case, every sex offender has loved ones that will back them up in trying to change some of these ridiculous laws, and together I think something positive can be done.