Reply To: Sex offenders have First Amendment right to Internet, social media


Article 7B defines a number of sexually based offenses as a part of NC’s criminal statutes and is merely referenced by a separate statute that controls where registered citizens may not go or be. It does not describe where anyone can congregate. N.C.G.S. 14-208.18 describes where you cannot be in addition to some of the places minors congregate. Nobody is “omitted” from any state statute. That’s impossible. The law is the law and it applies to everyone who is expressly scooped up into its provisions. Law enforcement has no authority to excuse people from following the law no matter what the District Attorney says. And you can forget about petitioning to be removed from the registry if you remain on probation. That’s simply not going to happen. There’s not a judge in this state (or any other) who would grant a motion of removal for a person serving probation. You’re still under a sentencing order.

Explain to me please how you can be “legally allowed” to do something that the law makes illegal. Who has such power as that?