Reply To: Sex offenders have First Amendment right to Internet, social media


NC resident–I am not sure what judicial district you are in or who your DA happens to be, but if you were convicted of solicitation then the language of the statute presumes that your victim was less than 18 even if, as you say, there was no victim. The language of the new NC premises statute restricts access to a whole host of places and distances from places (300ft) where children frequently congregate and are also present. And this stipulation applies to 1) anyone convicted of an Article 7B offense OR 2) anyone who has been convicted of a sexual crime against a minor (such as use of a communication system or computer to solicit a minor WHETHER or not the target was actually a minor or pretending to be so). So, you may want to read back over the statute again because whatever your DA has led you to believe or whatever your DA has freed you from (which it is not in his discretion to do) does not comport with the language of the statute as is presently exists (See NCGS 14-208.18). You are in harm’s way. Also, I’m curious about your statement regarding a treatment provider. Do you remain on supervision?