Reply To: Sex offenders have First Amendment right to Internet, social media


I have a question:

What happened with released sex offenders BEFORE Megan’s Law? What was their probation like? Was there anything that requires them to not live or go to certain places?

When I was a teenager, my friend’s girlfriend’s father got nabbed for sexual assault against his own nieces.
He had been doing it to them for years. They were teenagers when they asked “uncle Bob” to buy them tickets to a concert and he declined. So….they decided that if he wasn’t going to do what they asked, they were going to “out” him for the years of molestation. And they did.

He ended up doing 5 yrs. but when he got out, and I was maybe reaching age 20 and this was in 1993-ish, I do not recall him having any stipulations against going to movie theatres, parks, malls, etc. and he moved right back where he lived which was a neighborhood with lots of kids around.

So, prior to Megan’s Law, I’m assuming someone convicted of a sex offense was treated no different than any other offense once released from prison.
But because 1 psychotic child molester in NJ decided to kidnap, rape and murder a little girl, we ALL have to face such draconian excess punishment?
Not to sound mean but Megan wasn’t the only little child this ever happened to in the ENTIRE history of mankind. We’re getting a bit ridiculous with naming laws after kids.
People are literally acting as if sex offenses NEVER happened prior to that incident and that those of us on the registry were on it since birth.

What if that man in NJ did NOT have a prior record and Megan was his first and only victim?

I’d really like to see someone do an interview with the Kanka family and get their views on the monster that the SOR has become.