Reply To: Sex offenders have First Amendment right to Internet, social media


In Search of Liberty

Great win for Mr. Packingham and especially for First Amendment freedoms for sure; however, and not to diminish this win but while Packingham may be considered a great white, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision in Does v. Snyder currently waiting in the wings before SCOTUS can be considered, in my opinion, a blue whale! Snyder will, again in my opinion, FREE RSOs from state sponsored terrorism or doom them to even more repressive restrictions because believe me, if SCOTUS overturns the 6th Circuit’s ruling watch what states, especially in the old “Confederate States of America” does. Pay Attention people! A rebuff by SCOTUS of the 6th Circuit will bring into 2018 America a 1930’s Nazi style roundup of RSOs to be, as were the Jews, on trains, to concentration camps. Think about it. Where else can state legislatures go with sex offender (SO) laws? States already have: registration, residency restrictions, travel restrictions, place restrictions, GPS monitoring, employment restrictions, Polygraphs that RSOs pay for, forced treatment classes, that RSO pay for, in person reporting, not to mention what these laws do to an RSO’s family–need I say more? To RSOs out there you know the S#@! you’re going through with the state, I don’t have to tell you this. But I’m telling you right now, and you should know that there is HATE directed towards you, that if SCOTUS overturns Snyder that states, in order to inflect further punishment will start looking at Nazi style concentration camps—where else can they go with these laws??? Now if you believe that the states are going hold the line, stop where their at, and say, “…well you know, RSOs have it hard enough, we don’t think any more restrictive measures are necessary…” well then in my opinion you’d be damn fool to think so. Yes, if SCOTUS throws our Snyder there will be another round of state sponsored terrorism on RSOs.