Reply To: Victim: SO parents shouldn’t be alone with their own children


The average American family lives in the denial that it can happen to anyone. Until one of their high school age kids gets nabbed for “sexting”. Then they cry and beg for forgiveness because they’re all such “special snowflakes” who can do no wrong.

As for the lifetime registry in certain states, those states should all be sued for cruel and unusual punishment and the argument should be that we throw the politicians’ own rhetoric in their faces saying that;

We should all stop claiming this country was built on Christian values since the god of the Christian bible, along with the Jesus of said bible offered forgiveness. Where is the forgiveness from all of you politicians who keep using “God” in your moral judgements and your electoral runs?

Political correctness is a cancer. Much like feminism. Feminism NEEDS victims and if they don’t have enough of them, they start making them up. Like all the college campus rapes that turned out to be FALSE.
Anyone remember the woman who carried a mattress around on campus? The extent these people will go through to make fools of themselves is unfounded.
Common sense is nonexistent in today’s society.