Reply To: The insidious policy of blanket exclusions for registered sex offenders


Linda I am also a mother of a son on the registry. He is intellectually and developmentally disabled. He’s like a child of ten. He was put on the registry after being taken advantage and told to do something. He also never had contact with anyone. It is a horrible nightmare for the whole family as he does not understand what is happening and we must live the registry ourselves since we are his caretakers. We have lived in humiliation and shame for 8 years now. My son is no longer able to receive the services he is entitled to for his disabilities. We have to KEEP FIGHTING FOR CHANGE. There are thousands of people on the registry who do not deserve to be there in that situation. I am not officially on the registry but I am on it because I have to live all the rules and restrictions for my son. It has destroyed all our lives.