Reply To: Victim: SO parents shouldn’t be alone with their own children

Punished for a Lifetime

My husband of almost 26 years had to register as a sex offender recently for a non violent sex offense. Him being on the registry has done more damage to our marriage than him committing a crime has. It is a daily struggle for me to stay with him and not for the crime he committed but because we are constantly facing new issues with the registry. He was recently told he had ten days to be out of our home of 16 years because we live too close to a school. We still have one child in the home who is in high school and I am fearful that everyone at school will find out, etc. I worry about when our child is a senior and we have senior night for sports; what will we do? What about when we have grandkids? My husband will never be able to go to any of their school activities (we are a lifetime registry state). We as a society try to be so politically correct that we have lost sight of common sense. Everyone needs to be concerned about this–we are the “family next door” and if this can happen to us it can happen to anyone.