Reply To: Victim: SO parents shouldn’t be alone with their own children

Just a floor lamp is all in the corner

Mommy? Daddy?


Who is that person over there? Why are they always here in the house?

It is just the government watching over us making sure we don’t step out of line. Don’t worry, pretty soon you won’t even notice them. They will be like a lamp in the corner of the room.

But why are they here?

Because we wanted to have you in our family. The government thinks they need to rule the house and everything that goes on in the house.

I don’t like that. That is creepy. Make them go away!!

(In your best Rod Serling voice with a lit cigarette) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the child grows up in an unnatural childhood, fearing people and not knowing who to trust or not in the latest episode of the Government Zone