Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy

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Not many countries in the world have an online sex offender registry. Now sex offenders in those countries have no restrictions on where they should live and their coummunities aren’t always aware that a sex offender is living next to them. And sex offences has not gone increased as a result of those countries having a sex offender registry that is NOT opened to the public and only opened to law enforcement. So why is the registry here in the States online? What is the reasoning to have an online registry? In thise BBC article the British Police are focusing their monitoring on the most dangerous sex offenders and relaxing checks on low risk offenders.
Also in England. If you have children and you are dating someone and you would like to know if they have a sex offence. You can go t the Police Station and they will tell you. they log everything down about the person making the enquiry. They call is Sarah’s law/sex offender disclosure scheme.