Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy


The majority of people believe that we derseve cruel and unusual punishments because they assume that

A: Every sexual offense happens to a “child” (whatever their definition of “child” is but typically small, prepubescent kids)

B: That such sexual offense must surely be a blatant rape where in, we held the “victim” on the ground by their throats and forced ourselves upon them.

TV shows like Law & Order: SVU don’t help matters because people ARE idiots and they take scripted TV shows and movies seriously.

Whoever the spokesperson for us is or will be, has to learn to incorporate certain FACTS into their fight for us. Even if you/they think it’s irrelevant to add, it may actually make people use their brains for half a second.
Example; Many of us have had consensual relationships, non-violently, with post pubescent teens who were simply under the states’ legal age statute (16 in 27 states and 17/18 in the rest).
Guess what age is NOT and has not been legal: 14/15. Guess how old Elvis and Pricilla were when they met and fell in love…. Elvis 24, Pricilla 14.
Guess who didn’t get charged with a sex crime. Elvis. So guess who is seen as a music icon of history. Yup, Elvis.
Guess who will NEVER be appreciated no matter what? Us! And all for the difference of the fact that someone called the cops on us.

Guess who blatantly raped a woman and did prison time for it. Tupac (the rapper). Guess who got out of prison and went on to keep making more albums. Tupac. Guess who is still hailed as one of the best rappers/poets of all time. Yup….Tupac.

There is no way to get into the brains of the people of our society to find out what makes them accept some but hate the rest of us.
Trying to talk to the masses about what sex offenses are and how many aren’t harmful at all would be the equivalent of trying to talk reasonably with those Antifa rejects who just yell and scream in your face, call you a nazi and a patriarch and overpower your voice with air horns and other loud noise making devices.

It should also be thrown in the faces of society that even their precious little helpless defenseless children can become sex offenders for simply being curious, experimental teens (a part of the NATURE of mankind). Then throw the links to all these sexting arrests in their faces.
But again, you’ll have goodie-two-shoes parents claiming that will “never happen to MY kid”. Because somehow they’re better than everyone else.

The time has come to stop pandering to the politically correct bullshit that the system, media or general public WANTS to hear and start simply telling them like it is.
If they can’t handle facts and truths, send them to a “safe space” with a few puppies they can pet for a while until they mentally mature.