Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy

Dino Marx

I’m not saying to completely disregard Facebook, what I’m merely trying to say is let’s look at the bigger problems, and let’s attack those bigger obstacles these self righteous hypocrites have thrown upon us. In doing this we may conquer these obstacles, then Facebook wouldn’t be so hard to win over. These people have put laws upon that they themselves wouldn’t be able to handle, and these laws were made for many to fail and end up in prison. They are giving 30, 40, 50 sentences just to get rid of us so we need to organize something with the right people and fight for our constitutional rights. They’ve got to ease off a bit, these laws are just to harsh and they are cruel and unusual punishments. If so many of us got together and each one of us put so much money together we could hire a damn good lawyer to help us fight this fight. Every problem has a solution, what goes up must defiantly come down.