Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy


You’re right, Facebook doesn’t matter. Except that it does. A lot.

1) Peeling back layers of oppression is a slow and often unsatisfying process. But it is at least progress. Racism is still a problem throughout the country, yet people have been trying to change that since before the Civil War. (I would say that racism has never been LESS of a problem than it is today, but as a conservative Republican white male, even I can admit that it does still happen, and way too often.) Anyway, my point is that while in the grand scheme of things, gaining access to Facebook amounts to a spitball in the war against registries, any victory is worth celebrating and embracing.

2) Gaining access to Facebook gives us a chance to voice OUR views and OUR opinions on whatever topic we care to discuss, including the worthlessness of the registries. Change on a vast scale rarely ever happens any more in the public square or on a soap box in front of a crowd. It happens on social media. THIS is the forum that technology has given us to engage the world. I think the states saw this coming and tried their best to squash our ability to rally against them because they knew the day would come when facts would overcome fear and lies, and they would be exposed as frauds and snake oil salesmen. That day is now. Time to take up your “sword” for the cause. Bitching and moaning ain’t gonna get it done.