Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy


If you punish your teenager because he/she disrespected you or just doesn’t follow your rules, do you punish that teenager for the rest of their lives? Do you take their PlayStation and Xbox and smartphones away from them forever? Even long after they’ve learned their lesson?

Well, then “society” needs to offer the same forgiveness and ‘moving on’ that we give to kids who screw up. Sometimes screw ups are intentional, often times not.
If no one will forgive, it almost makes the punishment useless in the first place.

An employee does something wrong that CAN BE rectified, BUT, the punishment may be to get a few days suspension (it’s happened to me and a few days of not getting paid hurt big time).
After the punishment and a good talking to from the boss, you are given another chance to do the right thing. Mess up again and then you can be terminated.

I don’t know (or care) how many of us on here have messed up more than once. But I’m going to assume that most sex offenses have happened once with each of us. If you have a prior record for getting into a fight in a bar, that’s irrelevant.

If we’re not going to be forgiven, then don’t pander to their “oh the poor victim” rants.
Maybe, since I’m an individual and not a programmable robot, I see things differently.
If they don’t like me – SCREW THEM.

And I tell them all the same thing which leaves their faces looking like a deer in headlights; Yeah, I messed up and had a rendezvous with a teenage under legal age, but she’s as much a victim of me as Pricilla is to Elvis Presley.

If anyone is bothered at how I look at my offense NOW, 12 years AFTER it happened, well, ooopsies. I’ve given up on giving a shit. Thanks to the experience of society, the SO treatment groups and probation’s mental illness of I’m so dangerous – but ONLY for the duration of my probation. After that, they don’t give a hoot what I do or where I go or action plans/travel plans, approved supervisors for attending events, etc, etc, etc.

Y’all know the deal.