Reply To: Another letter to NPR about its erroneously written sex offender piece


maybe Narsol could get as many sex offender Counselors to write their opinions and bundle them up and send them to the Supreme Court for these so called intellectual scholars to read and maybe, just maybe start them to rethink their screwed thinking process. I committed my crime in 1988 to 90 or there about. It’s been so long I really can’t remember the date. I turned myself in and followed all the rules and did counseling. I was charged in VT and NH. Vt was glad that I had the courage to turn myself in and charged me with L&L. NH on the other hand hit me with a 7.5 to 15 year sentence. I served 5 year for doing the SOP and did counseling when I got back on the outside. I did 2 years consoling on the outside now life is what it is. I’m 73 and never expect to get off this damn registration B.S. I feel like I’m still in prison. I’m still paying for a crime I committed almost 30 years ago. The best part is I was able to stop smoking and I haven’t drank since I got out. We all can stop our addictions, but the question comes. Do we really want to? Most of us do but there are some that don’t and that very few shouldn’t have an effect on our lives but it does. I hope that someday this will blow over like most everything else. Chances are it won’t but one could only hope. Stay safe, stay strong and stay happy if you can.