Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy


In Louisiana, there are two laws regarding social media and RSO’s. First one is an all out ban (presumably no longer due to Packingham). The second requirement is that RSO’s must state their criminal status on their social networking page.
Question: does FB, or any othe social media, have a category of “criminal status”? I know there are things such as relationship status, etc., but criminal status?
So, prior to Packingham, a Louisiana RSO that had a FB account could be arrested for having the account AND for not putting his criminal status on that account. The police in a Louisiana city arrested 20 people in the fall of 2015. Here is the first line of the newspaper story from September 2015 : “Twenty people were charged with unlawful use of social media and failure to provide sex offender status notification on a social media page.”
Louisiana has some awful RSO laws that just do not make sense. For instance, it is illegal for a RSO to work a ride at a carnival, but he can work security or in a food booth at a carnival. Also, an RSO cannot work for a company that pumps sewage tanks but he can work as a dental hygienist. It seems that any time any sort of bill comes up before the Louisiana legislature regarding more restrictions on RSO’s, it gets passed unanimously. So, if you are an ineffective Louisiana legislator and you want to look like you are tough on crime, then write a bill and say you are “protecting children” and your bill will get passed and you can run for re-election saying how awful RSO’s are.
Other Louisiana RSO laws prohibit RSO’s from being within 1000 feet of a school bus. NOT a bus stop, but a school bus that is being driven down the street. So, in order to comply, wouldn’t each RSO need to know the school bus schedules? Have any RSO’s gone to the school districts and requested the schedules? Wouldn’t that shed a bright light on that stupid rule if every Tier 2 and 3 RSO in New Orleans made a request from the school district to have the bus schedules. I bet at that moment the parents of the kids on those buses would turn their anger to the stupid Louisiana law makers that passed that law.