Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy


I agree that Snyder, without question, is the single most important case regarding the future for SO’s. The Packingham ruling, and other lesser cases have been good, and offer reason for hope, but there remains a mountain before us. AG Sessions could well be the monster in the mix, and you can bet he will be vocal in his opinions against RSO’s. A loss on Does vs Snyder will potentially be the best – or the worst- ruling as far as registration laws are concerned. The integrity of the SCOTUS is the key, and at this point I have a measure of confidence in their integrity. There is NO constitutional basis for the current registry laws, and we simply must hope that SCOTUS will have the courage and compassion to correct past mistakes and grant us relief from such an oppressive existence. I understand that not everybody is Christian, but this I do know: a humble, believing, desperate heart, poured out to a living and Almighty God can literally move mountains. We can look to the courts for help, but we must look beyond them for the power to bring true and lasting change. Not trying to be “preachy,” just hoping to expand the range of our vision.