Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy

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Here is a news article from March of this year, from the BBC. Where British reporters reported illegal images of children that were on Facebook to Facebook. Only to find Facebook reporting the reporters to the British police, and discovering that Facebook didn’t remove much of the illegal content. There is a quote from a former Facebook executive saying that social networks were in danger of becoming a police state. The issue from this news article is not of adults contacting children to commit crimes, but of adults swopping images of children. Here is the link
You can see how Facebook struggles to monitor illegal content. The other issue they have is of terrorists posting beheading videos and extremist material on Facebook. When will people just accept that we will not live in a completely safe world. The best thing to do is bring up your children to learn how to stay safe and avoid being a victim of crime. Its all about educating young people on the dangers of the world.