Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy

New York Registrant

Since the majority of countries in the world do NOT have an online sex offender registry. I do wonder how Facebook could delete the accounts of foreign sex offenders from Facebook? So it seems to me that Facebook can only target American registrants.Discrimination? Are there any stats on the number of offenders who have committed offences against children on Facebook? Facebook is not a dating site, you can’t search for a person by an age range. So it seems to me that the person would have to know the minor offline or through a different type of online forum, to get that minors Facebook. So i think it would be difficult for a registrant to randomly try to find minors on Facebook. Personally i don’t care about Facebook, it just seems like a different type of database of citizens . These days there is too much over sharing, in fact i know of quite a few people who hardly use Facebook anymore or who have deleted their accounts. In fact people who use social networks a lot have suffered from depression and loneliness. I wonder if there will come a point when people just get bored of Facebook.