Reply To: ONCE AGAIN: Media, please use facts when writing about registered sexual offenders

Gregory Welker

I agree with this letter. Yet why has nothing been done about the gangstalking such as that which is happening now in Red Bluff ca. When you have law enforcement aiding in the ceiminal activities of those in the community including the gang bangers, drug trafficers and sex trafficers to target individuals. Started with me by a lie of a person I had a fling with and I did not wany to be one of her boy toys. Now have oeople following me around bring their children where I go and parading them around. Have local registrants actually help them in this harrassment. Since phone and other accou ts are hacked which I can now prove. Why are they allowed to track me. Since local Law enforcement obviously aid in this because the person who started this has family cinnectiins yo the government stalking program here. Have a out reach program who aids in the abuse was given out dated applications to places to apply to live. Then I was sexually harrassed at a restaurant I worked for who have connections to the pot industry. Then I was forced to resign because a few of the girls turned the abuse I suffered around. I must add that the restaurant looked more a front for sex trafficing. Seems that the lady who could not stand I did not want to be a boy toy uses many oarolees and registrants to satisfy her sex addiction. Then plays the manipulation card to have here people target them to keep her activities quiet. I even had people thinking I was on drugs a gang member and worse. Apparently her ex has a lit of money and connections with law. Still have a lot of oroblems with spoofing being done to my phone and also the computers in job training center library. They have actirs on the steeet who stalk you. Gang stalking straight up. O