Reply To: ONCE AGAIN: Media, please use facts when writing about registered sexual offenders

Tim in WI

All I can relate on the issue Is what occurs during my FTR cases.
I ask questions to agent witnesses whom must answer in the presence of a jury.
Agent X, isn’t it true that before you can properly jail a man for prison escape; the state must first prove the defendant was ordered prison by the judge the first place?
before a man can be convicted of absconding from DOC probation responsibilities is not the state first required to have an order for probation in the record in the first place?

Ex post SOR enforcement should require an order first! If not, all you have is “law” without “order” as opposed to LAW AND ORDER.
Many states avoided these obvious glaring questions by opting to use either the AG or States Police to administer their SOR.

Like every child born today in the U.S. is saddled with an 80K debt (according to as soon as a SS# is assigned. Resistance is futile to unavoidable debt.