Reply To: Registration not cruel and unusual punishment, says Tenth Circuit


How is public shaming on a registry that people DO SHAME OTHERS FOR not considered cruel and unusual? If having to register exceeds the amount of time you’re on probation (i.e. the suspended part of your prison term) then yes, it IS cruel and unusual because it’s carrying beyond the actual punishment received. Registry should end when your full sentence is completed. There has to be a way an experienced, good talking attorney can argue this.
When an armed robber’s full sentence ends, he/she doesn’t have anything further to report and carries on with their lives and no one can predict that he/she won’t attempt to do the same crime again. Especially when robbery is typically an act done by people “less fortunate” who want what they can’t otherwise afford (material items) or have (money).

The registry informs people of your crime long after you’ve fulfilled your court sentence. So yes, it is punishment and there’s no argument to go against that. They’re not using LOGIC, they’re using EXCUSES.