Reply To: What do judges and persons on sex offense registries have in common?


Sandy, thank you once again for this dialogue…

One thing to also consider is the main difference to ‘Those Persons Forced to Register’ (as all of our civil rights have been removed) and Official Jurists that Sit on the Courts which embody ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY!

The Safety of all persons is paramount, especially in Today’s Vigilante Society, wherein, the majority of those people robbing, killing, stealing and tearing down Federally Mandated Statutes, etc, feel that they have a RIGHT to do so-NOT!

So herein lies the problem: The Judge has Absolute Immunity and The LEO has Qualified Immunity (of which these younger Vigilante People have no clue what these terms mean, as they are unemployed getting payouts from the government)

Therefore, in today’s society, we are living in these vigilante times that may become even more disastrous in the coming months, if the TIDES SHOULD CHANGE.

As Persons who are Forced to Register, we should all be on our guards, continue to respect all those around us, and continue to focus on the LEGAL Arguments, and to continue to fight against the Physical Violence, which is plaguing the America’s, even MORE in Today’s wicked society!

Everyone, Stay Healthy and Safe!