Reply To: Another victory in Tennessee


H n H,

I feel for you man. I am no longer on probation or the registry and I refuse to ever be on either again. And I mean that!
As for probation, they are puppets doing what they are programmed to do. They know they’re full of crap. Banning you from an aviation group!!! That’s something I would save up money to hire an attorney for. Don’t be afraid to file a complaint about probation. I did it. Hell, I did a 2 page spread interview about their lunacy in a local newspaper. Then another with a Yale college student who was doing an assignment and chose see offenders as her topic.
I laughed to myself when I walked into my P.O.’s office the following week to see a copy of the newspaper article on her desk. I pissed them off but pissing off a probation officer with your constitutional freedom of speech is NOT violation worthy. And if they DO violate you, it will be something else they use as an excuse which you will hands down win in court.
I also filed a complaint with the local chapter of then civil liberties union which the guy I spoke to convinced me…. manipulated me… into not continuing with the lawsuit and to just follow their rules until it’s over. Yeah… no! Their probation rules do not make sense. I have always been of the belief that probation is a waste of taxpayer money. If you get sentenced to 10 years but only have to do 2 with the remaining 8 suspended, then leave it at that. If you do something wrong, the court can play with the 8 yrs hanging over your head. There is no need for a probation officer to LOOK for b.s. to send you back to prison. Also, some people’s probation ends before their registration ends. In CT registration is 10 yrs. but there were guys that only had 5 yrs of probation. What’s the point? Also, you can deny plea deals and request a few more years in prison to avoid probation. THAT RIGHT THERE proves that probation is useless.
I don’t know how I feel about “defund the police” but I would love to defund probation.