Reply To: Solicitor General to SCOTUS: Don’t grant Snyder petition


“While registrants must inform the authorities after they change their facial features, borrow a car, or seek psychiatric treatment, they are not required to seek permission to do so…”

Why are we EVER required to ask permission? Probation is a waste of tax payer money. If you get 3 yrs of probation, if you get 6 months of probation, if you get ANY amount of probation, the IDEA in the mind of the court, probation dept AND the public (thanks to the aforementioned) is that you are dangerous to society for THAT specific length of time. HORSESH*T!
I just met with my P.O. today as I have to only once per month now and I just LOVE when they ask “So how’s everything going?”
Are you kidding me? How’s my miserable life with my miserable job (that you approved) and the miserable ROOMING HOUSE I have to live in (which you also had to approve)? Oh, just dandy! Please don’t ever release me from probation. I love this sh*t.

Sorry, In Search of Liberty, I know that’s off topic from what you asked but I guess I’m “triggered” by the mention of “supervised release” because if we’re NOT actually INCARCERATED, we should not have to be on any “supervised release” which comes to an end anyway and then they don’t care what we do. But until next year in September, I can’t even shop at a mall. ABSURD!!
After September, I can shop anywhere I want. How does that fit in with their scripted narrative of “If you go to a mall and there’s a young high school aged girl there in tight little shorts….”

Yeah and? Same scenario can happen AFTER probation. Duh.