Reply To: USAToday favors restrictions on felons’ access to federal contracts

Linda Polk

Wonderful job of reporting on an Abuser of Power feeding off of a person who cannot protect them self. In our book, Felonism: Hating in Plain Sight, we document the fact that society’s prejudice and abuse against people convicted of a sexual crime just makes our nation less safe and increases the potential for more victims. There needs to be a class action law suit against employers / companies who refuse to hire qualified individuals bases on previous convictions unless they can prove the past has valid bearing on the present.

In future reporting, please identify this oppression as “felonism” and policies promoting this abuse as “felonistic” because we do not address problems until they are given a name. Can you imagine the Civil Rights movement making progress without using the term “racism”?

Our real focus needs to be on the Abusers of Power who created and perpetuate racism, felonism, sexism, etc. in order to amass more power for themselves. This article does a great job of calling out the person and organization using this tactic. I hope hearing the truth about themselves will be a wake-up call.