Reply To: Solicitor General to SCOTUS: Don’t grant Snyder petition


I guess it is one apple at a time. This will initially be a precursor to undoing the registry all together ? That is my whole issue with registering. I can understand having to register with the county that pertains to me while I serve a court ordered probation sentence, heck, Even the Dept. of corrections of the State in which I’m from, has a public website where you can search for offenders in your area based even on criminal offense that are currently serving a sentence. Once you’re done with your probation sentence, you are no longer searchable in their data base. I finished my sentence quite a while ago, but I have to continue to register with not only 1 police agency(county) but another one as well(city) where they just take my photo. I have long finished my sentence, but still feel like I’m serving another probation sentence for life.